Weekly Ten

Good morning everybody. As I type this, it’s morning, but I may not finish in time – I have to dash to Benoni, because I GOT A SLOT. If you, like me, are trying to renew your driver’s license you know what I mean. If you’re not, count yourself lucky. Anyhoo, it’s the weekend. And there’s time to catch up on all our favourite stuff.

Speaking of which, I loved the latest Ben Trovato post:

“Anyway. We all make mistakes. Nothing on the scale of Mkhize or Godongwana, obviously. But still. We are nothing if not a forgiving nation. The only thing our government has an unlimited supply of is second chances.”

I know the Olympics is over, but…

And this wow!

I hummed and ha’ed about this one. Some of the “times people flawlessly executed their ideas” are downright yucky. And weirdly fascinating. But in the end, the mask in the picture, tipped the balance. I would hate to see it in real life, but it’s quite funny in a picture.

This next article may just clear your palate. It’s quoted by James Clear – a convocation speech George Saunders (author of Lincoln in the Bardo) gave, entitled “Failures of Kindness”. I loved it. Click the pic for the article and the video link.

This was fabulous. Our very own galloping granny, Mavis Hutchison. There’s a story and a podcast. She’s inspirational. Enjoy.

This was fun – school and college pics of celebs. See if you can figure them out before you read their names. I recognized the girl on the left straightaway, and I’m really bad at this game.

Loved seeing so many of our 18-35s get so excited about getting vaccinated yesterday. Like this…

This tweet aligned with my sentiments, and I love how the doctor explains it all. Read the whole thread.

Which made me sing “My shot” the whole day yesterday. So we shall play out with “Aaron Burr, sir” and followed by “My shot” at about 2:40. From Hamilton, which reopened in the West End on Thursday. Love it.

That’s it, guys. See you all next week.

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