Weekly Ten

Good morning everyone. What a day to wake up to. I hope you’re all healthy and happy, have a cuppa handy and are settled in to catch up on the best of social media feeds today.

It’s Tatjana Schoenmaker day. Maybe the whole weekend. One of the few reasons this post is later than usual today is that it took me this long to find a video of her amazing, world record breaking performance. There are many that say they are, but they’re not. And then it was so well hidden on the DSTV site. Why? Never mind, here it is. Watch it, yes, again. I’m on time 7 or so, and I’m sure it’s not the last time. The end is the best. As Ryk Neethling said – it’s the moment of the Olympics, the first world record to be smashed this year. By our very own Tatjana. Yay! Click the pic for the link to the video.

Penny Heyns called it – article from April this year…

And Simone Biles showed us true Olympian courage – putting her physical and mental health first. Behind the picture is a facebook article showing what happens when young gymnasts aren’t able to stand up for themselves.

This is one I would have shared a while ago, had I been doing this regularly – the parenting memo, by Glennon Doyle.

My good friend Natalie got COVID, and she blogged about it – it’s great writing and an interesting read. Enjoy.

They found it!

Loved this – a young doctor’s sad reflections…

There are two South African authors and their books in the Bookers.

We love Taylor Tomlinson. Here are her life lessons.

Let’s play out with a golden oldie – my favourite rendition of the Journey classic – Don’t stop believin’. Have an awesome weekend and a wonderful week.

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