Ten of the Best

Yes, it’s me. We’ve had such a bad few weeks in SA. And somewhat counter-intuitvely (or maybe not so much, maybe because of it) there have been so many many lovely posts from all of my beautiful friends – to cheer me up, no doubt, but also just because we human beans are good at spreading hope when sadness, anger, pain and anxiety abound.

So it behooves me to revert to what I did many years ago, in the spirit of Mufasa and Ubuntu, to share the social media love. Below are ten links that I came across – some to read, some to watch, some to listen. All I found uplifting, interesting, funny or even relevant in some way. They connected me to friends, to the good side of humanity out there and made this journey better.

Click, or scroll past, and then come back to check out the rest. [Editing note – I really hope the links work, it’s been such a long time, and everything has changed, and technology has always been challenging…I’ll double check once I’ve posted.]

Steve Hall felt similarly to me – so he wrote a poem. He has many “What’s going on, Dad” versions – he’s done this before. They’re all good, this one is just so relevant.

The second is from MTN’s CEO, Godfrey Motswa. I have no more words, he says. And that is the only lie in the article. He does. And they’re beautiful.

Looting started in Cape Town, was the headline – and my heart sank. But it shouldn’t have, because it didn’t really, of course…

This story made me smile – it was on WhatsApp, so I’ve just copied it here.

South Africa might be under assault from protesters, looters, and criminals right now, and the army might be deployed – but all is not lost, it seems… People are standing together as never before.

A friend of ours just had the following experience at a small supermarket in Schoemansville, Hartbeespoort. She is a generally apprehensive person and prefers to limit risk and to stay away from danger as far as possible.

She had to buy some items and went to the Supermarket. As she approached the Supermarket, she saw a Taxi behind her. She thought nothing of it. As she stopped in the parking area, however, she just saw a whole line of taxis pull up opposite the road. With no easy escape, she decided to stay in her vehicle, to lock the doors, and to “sit it out” with her heart beating with anticipation. She had no idea what the sudden presence of all the taxis meant.

A man came to her window and knocked on the glass. “Mam. You can go to the shop. WE are all here to protect you. Come. I will go with you. Please don’t be afraid. My name is Tsepo, and I am from the Taxi Association. Come.” She was led into the store and back out with the Taxi Drivers around, escorted by Tsepo from the Taxi Association, to the shop and back to her car, where he saw her on her way, safely.

Thank you to our Taxi Association and its members for proving to us that racism is not a real problem any longer, it is only a political tool. Thank you to Tsepo and our Taxi Drivers for keeping our friend safe, for reassuring her, and for ensuring that she, and others, can shop and move freely, without fear.

This is the South Africa I want to live in. The one I am proud of. The one that is within reach, if only we can stand together!

FROM A whatsapp group

We’ve seen some innovation – click the picture of the taxis – our new defense force – for the next video.

You guys must know Ozzy Man? If you do, there is probably no need for a language warning. but if you don’t, then you should probably give this a skip – it’s worse than usual, and that is saying a lot.

The picture of the moment…and if you click on it, Robyn Vorster shares her thoughts, which are always poignant, and she lists a few ways you can help.

We love music – this was also from a WhatsApp group, and the words are beautiful. Matthew West – Take Heart

The other thing we love is dogs and cats – dogs were the original love, but cats have taken over, I’m afraid to say. So here’s the cutest cat video you’ve ever seen.

And on twitter, of course, there are loads of 35-39 vaccineerers. I love you all, and I’m so excited for you. For the hesitant, this is what’s in the vaccine. (No link here, just a pic).

Thanks all of you for reading. And thanks to all my friends who brought me so much laughter and joy and love and hope.

Have a great weekend everyone.

2 thoughts on “Ten of the Best

  1. Yea!! Bev is back with ten of the best!

    It’s really been a horrifible week, but like you say – it’s amazing how the local and global community pulled together to offer support and prayers.

    Have a good week Bev!

    Liked by 1 person

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