Exit by Belinda Bauer

How lucky was I to get an advance copy of this book? Since there are no more Belinda Bauer books out there that I haven’t read, because I devoured each and every one, from Blacklands, through Rubbernecker, The Shut Eye, The Facts of Life and Death, The Beautiful Dead – and those are just the ones I remember offhand. Oh and the unforgettable Snap! about the three children in the car – how could I forget?

So it is fair to say that Belinda Bauer is one of my favourite authors. There is always mystery, suspense, and the best of all – surprise. After all those titles, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I cannot be surprised and intrigued anymore. You’d be wrong about that.

Exit is a book that should not be mentioned in too much detail before reading. The less you know, the better. So if you’ve read my reviews before, and you trust me, just go and get it and lose yourself for a day or two.

Oh, you’re still here. Well then, what you need to know is that Felix needs to keep a dying man company and he arrives at his house to do just that, and next thing he is on the run, hoping not to be accused of a heinous crime.

It’s full of humour, suspense, quirky characters, and it is written in such an engaging, original style. If this is your first Belinda Bauer, I’m a little jealous – you are in for such a treat! Oh I should mention – some of her novels are a little dark. For me that just makes them better, and this one is less shadowy than some of her others, but do be warned.

5 stars to a lovable cast, a pacy plot and a package that always impresses.

ISBN: 1787630951

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